Company's Business Profile

        Founded in 1988 and listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand in 1992, Hemaraj Land And Development Public Company Limited has been Thailandís leading developer of industrial estates, utilities, and property customer solutions for 20 years. Hemarajís 6 industrial estates of 32,000 rai (12,800 acres) include 367 distinct global customers, 524 contracts with estimated USD 14 billion of customer investment and comprises a petrochemical cluster as well as the ďDetroit of the EastĒ automotive cluster with over 120 auto customers to date. In addition, Hemaraj is a leading utility provider with award winning water, wastewater, and environmental expertise. Property projects include offices for rent, SME factory rental and sale, as well as luxury condominiums ďThe Park ChidlomĒ.

        Hemaraj Strategy is to create a long-term shareholder values achieved through focused appropriate strategic, business, governance, and financial disciplines. This long-term value can be realized by demonstrating and communicating respect for our customers, employees, and stakeholders while consistently behaving in a manner that is communally, ethically, and environmentally responsible.

Industrial Estates


Industrial Estate:

As an industrial estate utility service provider, Hemaraj provides dependable utility solutions to industrial customers around the clock, 24 hours 7 days a week. Hemaraj manages the industrial estate property and private utilities to allow customers to optimize their efforts in manufacturing. In water including raw water, treated potable water, and clarified water provision, Hemaraj is Thailandís largest private provider with more than 145,000 cubic meters per day provided as well as 70,000 cubic meters per day of waste water treated. In industrial estate management, Hemaraj achieved ISO 14001, ISO 9001:2000 and the Best Environmental Management EIA awards from the Ministry of Sciences, Technology and Environment.


GHECO-One Company Limited, a 35/65 Joint Venture in a 660 MW IPP with Thailandís largest private power provider of 1,670 MW, Glow Energy, a Suez Energy Group, formally named Tractebel, Belgium to supply power to Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT).

Hemaraj holds 5% equity in Glow IPP, the 713 MW IPP Power Project locating in Hemaraj Chonburi Industrial Estate.

A joint study of 150 MW Power Project at Eastern Seaboard Industrial Estate or Hemaraj Eastern Seaboard Industrial Estate also to pursue Cogen Power Expansion or SPP Power in Hemarajís Industrial Estates.




Hemaraj Water Company Limited: a 100% subsidiary company to develop and manage Water Resources to provide treated water and waste water treatment to industrial customers.

Other Utilities and Services:

Utilities and Industrial Services assist the customers in benefiting from the shared resources and utility expertise of Hemaraj and its global partners. These capabilities extend beyond Hemarajís industrial estates and leverage technical resources.

Elyo-H Facilities Management Limited: a 40/60 Joint Venture with Suez Energy and Teo Hong Silom to provide utility and facility management services to industrial customers. Major customers are ESSO, Shell, Caltex, GE Plastic, Glow IPP, Glow SPP, Toyoda, Vinythai, Lite On and Saint-Gobain Sekurit.

Eastern Pipeline Services Company Limited: a 100% subsidiary company to provide piping distribution for Chemical, Stream and Industrial Gas for Heavy Industrial Users with a total investment of Baht 163 million.

H-Construction Management and Engineering Company Limited: a 100% subsidiary company to provide design, construction supervision, project and construction management services.



SME Factories for Rent and Sales:

Hemaraj designs and develops turnkey and expandable SME factories sizing from 750 square meters to 7,500 square meters for rent and sales located in both General Industrial Zone and Duty Free Zone in multiple industrial estates/zones of Hemaraj. H-Construction Management and Engineering, Hemarajís subsidiary company, also manages the utility and fit-out requirements to fit customers needs. This rental of SME factories provides customers flexibility on investment and financing as well as a growth path to larger buildings or developed land as their business expands. Hemaraj has built 99 units with over 211,000 square meters to date in its multiple industrial estate locations.

Selective Property:

H-Phoenix Property Company Limited: a 100% subsidiary company established on June 7, 2007 for commercial property lease or sale and management with a registered capital of Baht 50 million, fully paid-up.