Glow Energy, WHA and SUEZ to develop Waste-to-Energy in Chonburi

Nov 10, 2016

Bangkok - Chonburi Clean Energy, a joint venture company created by Glow Energy (a subsidiary of ENGIE), SUEZ and WHA Utilities & Power, is awarded the right to develop an industrial waste-to-energy plant at Hemaraj Chonburi Industrial Estate, in Thailand. The total investment is estimated at approximately 1.5 billion Baht (around USD 43 million) and commercial operation is foreseen to start in December 2019.

The industrial waste-to-energy plant will have a gross operating capacity of 8.63 MW and will operate under the Feed-in Tariff scheme, based on the Energy Regulatory Commission's Power Purchasing from Renewable Energy Program 2015-2019.

Brendan Wauters, CEO of Glow, commented: "We are pleased to announce that, together with our partners, WHA and SUEZ, we have been awarded a PPA for an 8.63 MW (gross) Waste-to-Energy plant.This facility will be located in Chonburi province, and is expected to come on line at the end of 2019. Greenfield development of carbon-light technologies is one of Glow's core strategic axes. Also, under Thailand's Power Development Plan 2015-2036, waste-to-energy is the renewable technology which has the highest priority. We are highly committed to delivering a state-of-the-art and environmentally friendly Waste-to-Energy solution."

Wisate Chungwatana, CEO of WHA Utilities and Power declared: "WHA Group enjoys the largest industrial customer base in the Eastern Economic Corridor region, with 8 Hemaraj Industrial Estates under operation, where utilities supply has been managed by WHAUP team with over 28 years of experience in providing industrial water and wastewater treatment. This joint collaboration among the three partners will provide a creative solution to industrial waste management by turning the waste into an alternative energy source for better environmental care for the community and the country."

Steve Clark, CEO of SUEZ Asia, said: "We are delighted to be chosen, with our partners, to build this innovative facility that will transform non-hazardous industrial waste into energy. At SUEZ, one of the world's largest environmental companies dedicated to water and waste management, we currently operate 57 waste-to-energy facilities that recover 16 million tons of waste and produce 7 TWh of local and renewable energy per year. This strong and coherent partnership of complementary companies will guarantee that this waste-to-energy plant will be aligned with world-class standards."

The project's documentation will be submitted to the Energy Regulatory Commission of Thailand for approval and a Power Purchase Agreement for a contracted capacity of 6.90 MW will be signed with the Provincial Electricity Authority within 120 days, or before 25 February 2017.

Chonburi Clean Energy is a subsidiary of Eastern Seaboard Clean Energy Company Limited, which is a joint venture company between Glow IPP 3 Co., Ltd. (a subsidiary of Glow Energy Plc.), Hemaraj Energy Co., Ltd. (a wholly-owned subsidiary of WHA Utilities and Power Plc.) and SUEZ, for a joint development of Waste-to-Energy project, with each of the three parties owning equal shares in the project.

About Glow Energy
Glow Energy is a member of the Glow Group, which is a major energy player in Thailand. Glow Group's combined installed capacity is 3,207 MW (Glow's stake is 2,891 MW) of electricity and 1,206 tons per hour of steam. Glow Group generates and supplies electricity to the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT) under Thailand's SPP (Small Power Producer) and IPP (Independent Power Producer) programs, as well as electricity, steam, industrial water and services to large industrial customers principally located in the Map Ta Phut area and nearby.

ENGIE (previously known as GDF SUEZ), one of the world's energy leaders, is Glow Energy's major shareholder.

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About WHA Utilities and Power Plc.
WHA Utilities and Power Plc. (WHA UP) was established on 30 June 2008, with Hemaraj Land and Development Plc. as its major shareholder with a 99% equity. WHA UP's first core business, Utilities, consists of providing raw water, processed water, clarified water and wastewater treatment to companies both inside and outside the group's industrial estates. In its second core business, Power, WHA UP cooperates with leading local and international partners for IPP and SPP power plants in Thailand. These partnerships represent 319.29 MW in equity. Beside conventional energy, WHA UP also plans to develop alternative energy in Thailand and, in the future, in neighboring countries.

WHA Group is a fully integrated business developer of Logistics, Industrial Development, Utilities and Power and Digital Platform.

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About SUEZ
We are at the dawn of the resource revolution. In a world facing high demographic growth, runaway urbanisation and the shortage of natural resources, securing, optimising and renewing resources is essential to our future. SUEZ (Paris: SEV, Brussels: SEVB) supplies drinking water to 92 million people, delivers wastewater treatment services to 65 million, collects waste produced by almost 34 million, recovers 16 million tons of waste each year and produces 7 TWh of local and renewable energy. With 82,530 employees, SUEZ, which is present on all five continents, is a key player in the sustainable management of resources. SUEZ generated total revenues of €15.1 billion in 2015.

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