Right of Shareholders

The company has well realized to safeguard rights and benefits of the shareholders by effectively operating our business to build permanent growth and provide suitable remuneration to the shareholders including to encourage the shareholders to exercise their rights in the Shareholders' Meeting and shall not infringe nor prejudice the shareholders' rights whatsoever.

All shareholders shall be invited to join in Annual Ordinary Meeting or Extraordinary Meeting (if any) as the company shall serve invitation letter and related agendas for consideration prior to all Meetings. The shareholders, as the investors are entitled to vote according to the number of shares holding and each of them shall exercise all votes to conclude the resolution and maintain their benefits and comment toward important decisions, such as, profit allocation and dividend payment, appointment of auditor, prescription of compensation and election the Board of Directors, amendment of Articles of Association and increasing of capital, etc. All shareholders are entitled to receive correct, open, sufficient and update information. The shareholder can appoint any person as its proxy to join in the meeting as deemed appropriate or may appoint Chairman of Audit Committee who is an independent director according to the instruction of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). In such meeting, the company shall provide the shareholders an equal opportunity to inquire company-related business as deemed reasonable.

It is the duties and responsibilities of Board of Directors and related senior Managements to join in each Shareholders'Meeting to jointly clarify related details of the agendas and answer all inquiries of the shareholders. In case of it is necessary and unable to join in the meeting, notice must be given to the Chairman of the Board or Office of the Secretary of the company in advance.